San Andreas Department of Role Play is a FiveM server founded in June 2019. We hope to provide a community in which everyone feels at home whilst interacting with all of our members. Our priority is making sure that our community has a say in what they'd like to see and what they'd like changed. Equality is where everything starts - we love the idea of promoting a communal spirit.

SADRP is entirely streamer-friendly with a proactive team of staff and moderators ensuring that we're providing the best possible experience at all times. Should you have any questions, please feel free to talk to any of us!

Thriving community

There are currently 40/64 players on the SADRP network, and with over 2100 discord members, we're proud to represent a vibrant, diverse and exciting community.

Lightning-fast systems

Our high-performance server hostings, CAD system, discord bots, and high attention to detail mean that our services are quick and smooth.

Dedicated Staff

Our helpful Support and Moderation teams are constantly working to improve your experience - from in-game moderation to our bespoke support ticket system.


At SADRP it's our team that keeps the server alive and thriving - our server developers, dedicated support team as well as moderation & staff teams all play a vital role together in providing a safe and friendly environment. We pride ourselves in selecting the most passionate and supportive people that we can to fuel our community.

Karma Owner & Server Developer

Hey my name is Karma! I am a developer and an owner on SADRP. If you find a bug in our server, I am the one that fixes it. You might not see me often in-game and that's because I am probably looking for new scripts to add in to enhance your RP experience. I look forward to meeting everyone who joins our server. Enjoy your stay at SADRP!

Bugsy Owner

Hey I'm Bugsy, and that's how most people know me. I'm a deep voiced individual of whom you will normally find laughing or messing around. I love meeting new people so feel free to say hello whenever you want, I'm also happy to answer questions and am proud to be a part of SADRP

Hamz Owner & Server Developer

Hey it's me Hamz, I am proud to be a owner and server developer here at SADRP. I love providing a platform which people enjoy to spend their time on. Feel free to say hello if you ever see me around, I look forward to meeting you all! Btw I'm Irish ;)

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